Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I was invited to make a picture for a special comic book cover.  Here it is and more info below:

(dirt brap) (ript bard) (bart drip)
Spark Plug, Teenage Dinosaur, Revival House and Floating World join forces to bring you their 2012 FCBD anthology, BRAD TRIP.
Eight Portland artists take you on a journey that explores vagaries, innuendoes, dreamscapes and weirdness in narrative form.
Featuring all new comics by Virginia Paine (Milkyboots), Annie Murphy (I Still Live), Kinoko Evans (Zine City Comics), Aidan Koch (The Whale), Dunja Jankovic (Department Of Art), and Maria Sputnik (Gazeta) & Connie Hockaday. Covers by Lori D and Brenna Murphy (Oregon Painting Society).
Book release and art exhibit May 1st Thursday. Then join the artists the following Saturday 12-2pm for Free Comic Book Day.
32 pgs, b&w interior, fc cover

WHO: Lori D, Kinoko Evans, Annie Murphy, Virginia Paine, Maria Sputnik
WHAT: Brad Trip free book release & art exhibit
WHEN: Thursday, May 3rd, 6-10pm
WHERE: Floating World Comics, 400 NW Couch St.