Thursday, February 20, 2014

Time Farmers in Seattle this weekend!

Saturday February 22
8pm - 9:30pm
Studio Current (1 block S of Neumo's)
Seattle, WA
Time Farmers is a program of short animated films made by independent contemporary animators from across North America. This collection of films has been assembled by Lori Damiano in 2013 to accompany her newly completed 2D hand-drawn film called Lord I : The Records Keeper.  Time Farmers includes a diverse array of narrative & non- narrative films produced through both hand-crafted and digital techniques. This program features recent work from the following: Lori Damiano, Leif Goldberg & Ursa Goldenrose, Lilli CarrĂ©, Stefan Gruber, Amy Lockhart, Kirsten Lepore, Jennifer Levonian, Trixy Sweetvittles, Jodie Mack, Jo Dery, Takeshi Murata & Billy Grant.

Tickets are available here!

Here is a trailer:
Time Farmers Trailer from Lori D on Vimeo.