Saturday, November 6, 2010

Show at the Henry Art Gallery

O where the paintings will go!  In the great year of 2000 I made some paintings that were shown at New Image Art Gallery in West Hollywood and sold to this powerful TV executive and art collector.  A few years ago this Mr. Valentine donated these paintings to the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle and they are now part of their permanent collection.  Last week I got this email that one of the paintings has been included in this show:

"Your work Untitled (business seminar), which is part of the Henry Art Gallery’s permanent collection, is currently on display at the Henry in the exhibition SuttonBeresCuller: Panoptos. The exhibition will run from October 2, 2010-February 13, 2011.

For this exhibition the artists, John Sutton, Ben Beres, and Zac Culler, selected over 150 two-dimensional and three-dimensional works from the museum’s collection that were then hung “salon style,” in the museum’s East Gallery. In front of this multi-faceted presentation, the artists’ installed a custom-made apparatus that transports a high definition camera along the x- and y-axes of this grid-like installation. In an adjacent gallery, visitors can steer the camera remotely, selecting and zooming in on details of works in the installation. These details are viewed in this space and uploaded to the Web for others to see. Images from the exhibition can be viewed here: "

How about that?

This painting is so old I don't even know where I have pictures of it!  There are a couple of pictures of it HERE on their Flickr stream.