Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gocco Lives in 'Spacing Awake'!

Mel Kadel just sent me her new zine 'Spacing Awake' in which I'm honored to be included in a collaborative drawing we made...But this zine is regal!  I'm telling you... You can get one of your very own HERE in the Buy section. This beauty is completely homemade from start to finish, signed, in edition of only 100 so don't wait too long to get yours!  These beautiful treasures are no small feat.  Since Mel usually paints on paper she stains craftfully with coffee herself, she likes to also print her zines on such paper...  She spent a few weeks staining 1,200 sheets of typing paper, baking them in the sun , and stuffing them through her angry printer.  And it is worth all the trouble!  Have a look at these!  Check out the Gocco printed 3 color covers!   Thanks Mel!